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Airline Miles Cards
  • Do you wish to take advantage of the fact that you are a businessman continuously traveling by plane?
    You can start saving up now by applying for an airline miles credit cards.It works really simple and easy: it has the outline of just any credit card, with the difference that for every one dollar you spend purchasing different items you can save yourself one airline mile.

  • You need to stay informed, and check and compare offers.

  • For example, the credit cards supported by airline companies usually offer those miles which you can use only for the flights with the specified company, whilst the miles earned through credit cards supported by banks can be used up just for almost any airline company’s services.
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Airline Miles Credit Cards
So, this would be the first criteria you have to think about: whether you choose a card supported by an airline company or by a bank. Measure up your options and make the best choice.

There are plenty of offers available starting from the internet which you can browse, discuss with your family or even your company and then settle for one of them. Whichever you opt for, make sure it will be the one which offers the widest range of services and it is not a too limited offer, in the sense you can use it internationally too without too many restrictions. Also, don’t forget to check their interest rates, as a very high interest rate wouldn’t suit you if you even don’t travel that much by plane. The same is available in case they charge very high annual fees.

The lowest annual fee you pay, the fewest and the more limited your opportunities, and these fees range somewhere between £30-100 per year. When applying, for the fact that you have chosen to become their client they usually offer you some miles as a gift, which you can use up or add to these until you get the desired miles you need for your destination.
    There are some bank issued airline mile cards that charge you no interest rate for balance transfer up to one year, and also have an introductory APR of 0% for some months. Also, these cards charge rather much if you don’t pay your monthly balance. So, if you opt for a bank issued airline miles card, then make sure you won’t drastically postpone your payments, as it will cost you too much at the end, and then you ended up in a bad deal.

    For some cards there is an expiration date for the miles already earned, so that again won’t suit you if you are not a frequent traveler. For other cards, there is no expiration at all, so you’d better check for these. Maybe you would like to have more opportunities in one, so you can look up for a card that besides offering points that can be redeemed for airline miles, these points can also be used for all kinds of discounts in hotels or restaurants. Moreover, if you are a busy person then perhaps you’d like to choose a card that besides all these benefits, lets you monitor your account online and also pay your bills online.

    You can collect points, redeem for airline miles and at least this way for every dollar you spend you earn yourself miles, or you have several discounts at places like hotels, restaurants or even gas stations. Some companies offer the possibility of paying with your card, with your points for someone else’s ticket, so that is a good thing too, it shows flexibility. It can be considered a plus the fact that you usually earn double when making your purchases abroad, so you are always two steps closer to home.
With the passing of time, you become a trustful member so other opportunities will rise too: services offered will become yet more flexible, the points you can earn will rise in number, and in general it will become very advantageous for you. And once you get used to their services, and you use them long enough you will start noticing that you succeeded in making some serious savings. Then make your choice and earn yourself safe flights!