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Cashback Credit Cards
  • The most convenient thing when owning a credit card is to see that you can earn back cash depending on your purchases.

  • Especially when you make a serious purchase (meaning a few hundred pounds) it feels very good to receive back a percentage of that sum, and this only because you have used the respective companyís credit card.

  • In case you choose to apply for a cashback credit card, it is good to opt for one that has few limitations, in the sense you get that cashback at almost any kind of purchase- from a theater ticket to supermarket purchases.

  • Opt for one that you donít have to pay an annual fee.
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Cashback Credit Cards
Why pay an annual fee when in fact you are the one doing them a favor? You are spending more and more money for the sake of a few points. An introductory of 0% for balance transfers for at least one year would also be convenient to you. If you add these altogether, 0 % annual fee and 0 for balance transfers, you start with a clear step.

Some companies grant you a shopping card worth some pounds every time you purchase something from them. Now, that’s not a good deal, so avoid these offers and don’t even torture your mind with them. These offers are only advertised to attract more clients, but in fact someone who can afford to spend a few thousand pounds, doesn’t really need that £30 bonus check from the company.

If you shop more on weekends, then watch for a card that offers good deals for weekends. There are companies that offer even double points on weekends, so that would be again convenient to you, plus there are some that offer a starting bonus credit, for becoming a new client. It’s true this is only one time, but still you can take advantage of this too. Moreover, if you become a trustful member, and you are using their card for more then one year, then you will get bonus on the previous year’s points. So this is another way of saving up some money.

The point is, (just as with any other credit card), that the more you spend the more cash you can save up. But this is no reason for you to begin a shop hunt or to become totally addicted to shopping for the sake of a few pounds, but think that with every shopping session you can save up a bit. Nowadays, one can really save up on almost anything. Each of us should choose these rewards cards carefully, and especially in our best interest. Meaning that if you don’t fly that much, don’t choose a card that rewards you airline miles, if you don’t use the phone that much, than just don’t pick a card that redeems you with extra minutes, and so on.

With the cashback card the good thing is that everybody uses it, so it can be said it is a universal valuable option. But never forget to read the terms and conditions, so that you won’t have any surprises. You can earn cashbacks by shopping in supermarkets, even drug stores, some offer it even when you buy your ticket at the movies, and gas stations which is a very important side especially if you own a car and use it on a daily basis then there could be some serious savings for you and your family.

If you really cannot make a choice on your own, and don’t want to rush for the first offer that may turn out in your disadvantage after all, then seek for advice after from a specialized person or you can ask even among friends to find out their experiences with these kind of cards. Then, if you made up your mind, you can start shopping around knowing that a very small percentage of the sum you spend is saved. And so, little by little there will accumulate some cash you can spend on little things you longed for but didn’t buy.