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Debit Cards
  • Debit cards are a convenient way of storing your money, especially if you find it troublesome to carry large amounts of cash on you all the time.

  • Its use is very simple; in fact all you need is a bank account so that when you make transactions with your card, the money can be withdrawn from your bank account.

  • With a debit card you donít have to worry you will actually step out of your spending frame.

  • There are a wide range of possible features a debit card holds, but the main operating system is the same, and there are two types of debit cards available: the online and the offline ones.
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The most common questions asked about Credits Cards.
Debit Cards
Online debit cards have taken in priority, due to the fact that most of the countries use in their marketing system electronic authorization.

There are debit cards which can be used only internally (not accepted abroad), and these can be used wherever the logo displayed on the card appears at department stores, restaurant chains, gas stations and so on. These can also be used for cash withdrawal from ATMs. The same card for example can be used to get your salary on it, if you wish you may ask your employer to put the money in your account.
    A huge advantage may be whether there is an option of a credit line to the card too. Some issuer banks may agree to give you even the 6 fold worth of your income for example, but only if you agree to their terms and conditions of course. These give you a little bit of flexibility regarding your financial status, but always watch for the fees they charge in case you want to accept that credit line. Debit cards usually do not come with annual fees, but if provided a credit line it may be subject to change and that is why always read carefully the fine print and examine thoroughly all information provided.

    Among other advantages of using a debit card is that you will find ease in paying your bills, and in general you can manage much easier your financial situation. You will certainly find the debit card you need, the one that is tailored to your needs; you just need to stay informed. In case you are a businessman and would find it more convenient if you could somehow manage not only your finances easier but that of your employees too, then there is a suitable card for you too. Basically, there are issued extra cards you can share among your employees, cards on which you can make the payment transactions, this way saving yourself some precious time. Plus, you can also benefit of the advantage of paying your bills, and there are issuer banks that charge low interest rates for different services.

    Debit cards have the advantage that they can be used for online purchases too. So, in case you are a busy person but who would like to have access to the thousands of online offers, then this is a right choice for you. Security nowadays is an issue which is very well worked out, so the risk of fraud is not so high. Still, you have to keep to the golden rules: never disclose personal information, such as your PIN, to third parties, and in general use the services of online sites that are safe.
Debit cards are particularly useful in case you are a student for example and it is an opportunity for you to learn to manage your finances and prepare yourself for the use of a credit card. Because you may not have yet built yourself a solid credit history, while the debit card’s operating system is similar to that of a credit card, it can really help you manage finances responsibly. Although fees are not as high as in the case of other cards, still, you should measure up all offers and deals and see which is suitable for you.

In case there is an extra fee for debit card transactions, you should foresee the frequency with which you will use the card and for what purposes, so that you can tell whether it is worth for you or not. It may also happen that you will be charged a monthly fee, independently of the fact that you use card only occasionally. These are all small warnings you have to watch out, in order for you not to end up paying a lot more than you have estimated. After all, you are using your own money and the card is only an intermediary instrument, you are not using a loan for your purchases as in the case of the credit card.