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The most common questions asked about Credits Cards.
Credit Card Glossary
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Loyalty Programs
What does Loyalty Programs mean?

In plain words, this is a way of encouraging customers to use the credit card. Companies offer all kinds of facilities to individuals who “spend” more. For example, an airline miles loyalty card, will offer you kilometers, in the sense that at every $100 spent you gain yourself 1 airline mile. Thus, the more you spend, the less the airline ticket will cost you.

Certainly this type of loyalty card is mostly suitable for business travelers, those who indeed travel a lot otherwise it makes no sense having such a card; a business traveler can indeed save some money by using this card. Rewards cards, advantage cards, membership loyalty cards, or simple club cards are all under the umbrella of the loyalty programs. From the pharmacy to the supermarket, this type of marketing is implemented everywhere, you only need to be careful not to overspend just because of what the loyalty program offers you.
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