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credit cards faq/glossary
The most common questions asked about Credits Cards.
Credit Card Glossary
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Online financial transaction
What does Online Financial Transaction mean?

An online financial transaction is that transaction which is conducted when making online purchases for example. The use of the credit card is the most popular method used in financial transactions in general, and safety of personal data is of utmost important in any case. Products and services offered via the internet are innumerable, that is why before actually authorizing an online financial transaction the minimal security feature a website must have is being SSL secured.

Reading the terms and conditions and seeing to it that the respective website is licensed and register are the least safety measures an online shopper can do. Account number and password must not be filled if any suspicious aspects are observed (i.e. copycat website). The uses of encryption, the request to regularly change your password are all aspects which a trustworthily operated website will generally require. If you suspect a potential fraud you should immediately report it.
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