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The most common questions asked about Credits Cards.
Credit Card Glossary
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Private label credit card
What does Private Label Credit Card mean?

If you are a retailer, then you could own your own private label credit card, meaning that this way you would gain yourself a whole deal of advertising, thus attracting customers easier, and you can set your terms and conditions for the use of such a card. It will have a specific design, a unique presentation, which is again something you will work out for yourself.

There are banking institutions that are financing the private-label credit cards, so basically in order for the whole business to take place there is an agreement/contract between you and the financing institution. Certainly having your own private label credit card it will cost you a bit, because you have to support the advertising costs, and many other costs related to the issuing of such a card, but in the end it may have worth your effort. Private label credit cards invite you to be creative and implement as many tactics and marketing ideas as you wish.
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