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Credit Rating
  • A credit rating appraises the credit value of an individual, firm or even the credit worth of a company. It is investigated by credit departments who are eager to find out how their clients credit history looks like. They check the figures and make calculations because credit rates are strongly connected with current benefits and personal dependability. It is important to be a reliable customer with good personal asset.

  • The credit rate is a record that convinces the investor or the lenders that you are capable to pay back the rate and also that you have enough capital which excludes the threat of defaulting on a loan. In case of a reduced credit rating your wish of loaning can be refused, or the interest rates would be very high. In this kind of situation your access to banks is limited; the chance to obtain a loan is very small and hard to get due to the fact that you have low credit rating and a bad financial history.
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There are some factors which can be the predictors of a low credit rating: disability to pay, being incapable of loan reimbursement, a big quantity of used credit, hazard, the saving and spending model of the person, debts, unreliability. Despite all this there is a variety of credit rate systems in the world. You donít have to give up on your wish list, and you must understand that there are no black lists. Black lists are only a myth people are very afraid of it, considering the possibility of being on it, and as a direct cause rejected by financial institutions, especially banks.

There are also credit rating agencies (CRA), which have the authority, to allocate credit ratings to issuers, who have different kind of debt obligations. These agencies also offer information concerning debt instruments and debt management. Their aim is to facilitate a wide range of credit ratings to a diverse category of clients: like companies, special entities, state and local governments, non profit organizations (NGOís), or even national governments. You are eligible to access CRA services in case you can prove you have credit worthiness, with other words that you are capable to pay back the loan.

Credit ratings are being exploited by a large category of customers, most likely investors, issuer, broker-dealers, and governments. The advantages of credit rating agencies are that they offer for your investment a wide range of opportunities, and several alternatives, keeping you up with methods that can be easily used to measure credit risk, all this eventually leading to an increased effectiveness on the market.

The lower the costs, the better is for the lender and for the borrower itself. They give an opportunity to a certain type of borrowers, who otherwise would be deprived of even getting a small chance in succeeding on the capital market. New projects and prospects were opened to small companies, universities, hospitals and startup businesses.

All credit rating agencies have one thing in common: a formula named FICO (Fair Isaac Credit Organization) score. This formula is a number varying from 300 to 900, used by lenders to estimate the risk of their borrowers. The risk is being incapable of reimbursing the loan with its rates. In case your score is 300 you represent a major risk to the lender, while if your score is 900 you are no risk to the agency. A score of 500 will bring you penalties under the form of high interest rates, and a very precautious attitude from the lender. The lucky ones are those with the score of 850 and above that, this will grant you more possibilities and lower interest rates.

Most agencies you can find while navigating on the internet offer you the opportunity to access your credit rating online. This is very useful, since not only you can find out what is your credit score, but you also get professional guidance and assistance on how to improve it in the future. All this is available online and you must exercise your right of having access to your personal credit rating; this way you can not only improve your financial outgoings, but also prepare yourself for demanding, difficult situations like dealing with mortgages.

So use your criticism, and search for the agency that best takes into consideration your necessities and financial possibilities or those of your company.